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Welcome to GPS Shankar Mardan. GPS Shankar Mardan was founded in 1980 with the vision to provide art of education to the new generation alonwith inculcating in them the moral and ethical values. A decade later we are on our way to make that vision a reality with a mission to provide the community in Pakistan with values oriented modern education in addition to the curriculum outlined by Government Text book board, Cambridge and Oxford; offering l...
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Government Primary School Shankar Mardan
Government Primary School Shankar Mardan
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Muhammad Tufail Khan

It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you at the website of Government Primary School Shankar Mardan. It is the first website of any Government School and especially Primary School in Mardan. When I was appointed as ADO Courses were taught just 7%. I changed the whole method. I divided the course in two semesters. And also changed the method of examination through which I got 80% progress in finishing the course. Another problem was of teachers and class four's attendance. I faced with them strictly & amp; got 70% progress. I continued my strugle and introduced new syllabus. For the first time course was completed in 95% schools. With the help a teachers we arranged a unique system of examination. Papers were checked in different methods and got 90% reults. Our mission is to provide the best teaching and also to encourage the students that they can face any hard challenges in upcoming life. We have highly qualified teachers. In a very critical situation we are trying our best to get these innocent students to the top stars of the country and we hope Inshallah we will be succeed.We prepare our children for the greatest challenge in their life: to make decisions. For this purpose as leaders of tomorrow they need to be knowledgeable in various disciplines and skilled in communication and analysis. Only such individuals will be best equipped to engage with people and issues from all over the world. I hope that the students of this school will be able to play an important role for the development and prosperity of the people of Pakistan. May Allah help and guide us to embark on the golden road map of success.

 Dated: 17-04-2014
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